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IMG_2395a_smallMeet Heidi.  Heidi is a champion of the people serving faithfully in the Allen, TX area.  During any day of the week you will see her as a dedicated wife and loving mother.  But if you happen to be working on a plan to trim down your weight and build up your muscles then you will know Heidi as a consultant for Slim Genetic, a trainer for Title Boxing, and also as a personal trainer. Heidi knows that the body you have been given is the only one you have and that you must make the most of it in the time that you have it.  In this sensitivity to the value of time, Heidi chose Fredshots Photography because she needed a professional photographer who would give the same personal attention to detail as she does.  When you are ready to have your professional headshot snapped into place be sure to call Fredshots Photography at (469) 718-9749!

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