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Keep It Fresh!

By March 12, 2015July 31st, 2023No Comments

An outdated online profile or company directory can send a mixed message to your potential clients.  People visit your website to gain familiarity with who you are and what service/product you provide.  If your online image isn’t a current and accurate representation of you then your image might be STANK!

Professional photo pitfalls that make your image STANK are:

  • Selfies
  • Tourist (unless you work at a theme park this is a no no)
  • Ancient (profile photos should be no more than one year old)
  • Non-related (once again, unless your profession is fishing this is a no no)
  • Kilroy-was-here (remember that old graffiti of a face with a long nose looking over a wall? So if your profile photo is an egg, briefcase, or silhouette then that is a no no)

Contact Fredshots Photography today to update your image from the convenience of your home or office.  We bring the photo studio to you, our rates are very reasonable, and our service is unparalleled! (469) 718-9749

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