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Missed Moment?

By May 3, 2015July 31st, 2023No Comments

In this image you see the agony and anguish expressed through the poetry of the dancer’s body and face.  As a professional photographer I see this same expression from parents, spouses, and siblings when their camera misses the moment.

I encourage everyone to have a camera on hand at all times.  For some this means having the camera on your cell phone ready to go.  The greatest challenge with this is that cell phone cameras are notoriously slow and incapable of capturing those split second moments.  The other challenge with cell phone snappers is that those devices tend to get confused when there are bright lights or deep shadows.  Cell phones leave you with missed moments.

A second option is to purchase the gear, put in unlimited hours to practice and learn, and lug the gear to your events.  Most people only occasionally bring their digital SLR cameras when they feel it isn’t too much of a burden.  Having expensive camera gear is only part of the equation — you also need to have the almost unconscious sense of when, where, and how the scene will develop.  You have to be poised to capture the moment and be willing to keep the camera at your eye non-stop for hours at a time. The inconvenience of having to stay focused on your own camera gear can also leave you with missed moments.

This is why Fredshots Photography is here for you.  We have successfully captured events ranging from small soccer camps to professional football teams, small family owned businesses all the way up to multi-billion dollar corporations. We have a diverse history of performance photography from small theaters all the way up to internationally acclaimed pop stars and even the President.

When you have Fredshots Photography at your event you have the freedom to enjoy your family and friends.  And you have peace of mind knowing that we are here to capture the moment!

If you would like to see the rest of the images from the Royals Spring Recital at Independence High School and other recent events be sure to click here:

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