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November 11, 2014

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America. Freedom. Veterans.

On Monday November 10, 2014 I was at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. This area is most known as the shooting site of JFK and on any typical day there are hundreds of visitors that come to gawk at the road and the “Grassy Knoll”. Today was no exception. They were young and old, boys and girls. There were families from foreign countries that stood with quiet reserve. There were younger adults snapping selfies and posting to their social networks. Sprinkled among them were some wild-eyed experts giving the intimate details and conspiracy theories of the events.

As I smiled at the nearly carefree nature of the people something over my shoulder made a nearly imperceptible sound and a I caught a faint motion of shadow out out the corner of my eye. Turning to see the source is, I suddenly realized that there is a large US flag standing over the plaza. I was so in awe of this flag that I focused my camera here and completely forgot about the people around me.

Our veterans and military are just like that flag: standing tall, bold colors on display, keeping watch over the people. They aren’t looking for recognition or honor. They are silently standing by, doing what needs to be done.

Take time today (and every day) to think about what freedom means to you, the blessings of living in America, and the veterans that made it possible.


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