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Now Is The Time!

By April 30, 2015July 31st, 2023No Comments

Spring time in the northeast Dallas area brings great weather, blossoming flowers, and the hottest real estate market.  Long before the school bells ring for the final time homes begin selling like hotcakes.  With the increased demand for properties comes an increased demand for real estate agents.

If you are an agent, or know someone who is, and you haven’t had your professional headshot updated within the last year then now is the time for you to take action.  When it comes to the local market sellers and buyers have a choice in where they want to live and whom they want to help them in the process.

Your professional image needs to have “curb appeal” similar to a home: is it clean, modern, and attractive?  Does your headshot show that you care enough to keep it contemporary?  Does your headshot tell others how much you care?

If not then now is the time to contact Fredshots Photography to get your image up to date! Contact us at (469) 422-8361.

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