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Only For A Moment: R.I.S.E. Above The Rest

By May 11, 2016July 31st, 2023No Comments

Your profile photo on LinkedIn could be the difference between being passed over and being identified as a qualified candidate. Regardless of age or ethnicity your profile photo is what helps you to R.I.S.E. above the rest.

Is your profile photo:

  • R.ecent – or has it been longer than a year since your last update?
  • I.nviting – or does it feel disconnected?
  • S.incere – or is it so over-processed and edited to the point that it doesn’t look like you?
  • E.xpressive – can people see your confidence or do you look lost?

Before you connect with anyone else on LinkedIn be sure to connect with Fredshots Photography so you can R.I.S.E. above the rest! (469) 718-9749

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