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Photo Fiction: Headshots Must Be In The Portrait Orientation

By January 28, 2015No Comments

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A long time ago, in a business world far, far away, all professional headshots were oriented so that they were tall and narrow.  In photographic terms this is called portrait orientation.  Echoes of this mindset still hang on the walls of well-established companies that date back 20+ years.  You will usually find these headshots with titles like “Founder” or “Board Of Trustees”.

But in today’s society of wide screen and high-def we are surrounded by images in the landscape orientation where the image is wide.  Our movie theater screens are wide.  Our flat panel televisions are wide.  Our smartphones are wide.  This naturally translates to our professional headshots being composed and captured W—I—D—E!

The single greatest advantage of a headshot in the landscape orientation is that your face can be more prominent without the appearance of overpowering or overflowing the picture space.  Take for example the photo above.  Chris Blair is a uniquely talented graphic designer with Greater Excellence Designs.  He pours an immense amount of thought and creativity into each client.  In this recently captured headshot anyone can see the depth of thought projected from his eyes.  Why?  Because the landscape orientation of his headshot allows us to get that close!

A well-composed headshot should connect with the person viewing it.

When you are ready to connect through your headshot be sure to contact Fredshots Photography. (469) 718-9749 or


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