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Photo Fiction: My Old Headshot Is Still Good

By January 28, 2015July 31st, 2023No Comments


Celebrating another birthday is not a bad thing.  Continuing to use the same headshot year after year is a bad thing!  There is nothing wrong with updating your headshot annually.  Everything is wrong when you try to deny that time has passed.

The headshot in this article is of my client that recently promoted to Vice President of her company.  Her career advancement was not overnight.  Across her professional career she has gained more wisdom, developed more critical thinking skills, and has a proven record of success.  Staying relevant in her career required and still requires updating her knowledge and skills.  Keeping your image up to date should be as important as keeping your business practices up to date.

In the retail industry showing an item ON the packaging that is not actually INSIDE the packaging is called false advertising.  “I respect false advertising,” said no one ever.  Yet day after day, year after after, there are business professionals that refuse to update their professional image.  Can you imagine the level of distrust that immediately spikes when a potential client meets you in person after seeing your outdated headshot?

Do yourself a favor by keeping your professional headshot up to date.  Call Fredshots Photography at (469) 718-9749 and get your headshot session scheduled today!

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