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Photo Fiction: You Must Smile For Your Headshot!

By August 27, 2014July 31st, 2023No Comments


During my headshot sessions I often ask my clients to give me an inquisitive look.  After a few clicks of the camera the typical response is, “That was different.” Then we review the results and more often than not my clients find that they actually like some of those images. 

Why?  The simple answer is that you are typically more interested in people that are interested in you.  So when you present an interested look other people are more likely to notice and take an interest in you.  A well-composed headshot should communicate professionalism, confidence, and interest.   In doing so, your headshot is a key to earning the confidence of prospective clients before a word is even spoken.

When you are ready to capture a headshot that captures the attention be sure to contact Fredshots Photography.  (469) 718-9749 or

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