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She’s Got The Look…and the Accessories!

By April 7, 2016July 31st, 2023No Comments

It’s no secret that women often look at a closet full of clothes and boldly declare, “I have nothing to wear!” It’s not that they can’t see the stacks, hangers, and drawers filled with options.  Most often it is that there is one element missing from their attire: jewelry. 

The right accessories for an outfit literally is like the icing on a cake — it is what makes the outfit complete.  In an ideal world money is endless which makes jewelry purchases limitless.  We however do not live in that world.  This is where it is essential to have your very own jewelry stylist like Elizabeth with Premier Designs Jewelry.  

For nearly a decade and a half Elizabeth has been serving ladies in finding just the right frosting for their fashion.  With an average price of $37 per piece and an opportunity to get more jewelry for free and half-off it is very easy for ladies to find several options to dress up their wardrobe and make every day sparkle.

When you are ready for a new ring and some bling be sure to contact Elizabeth at her website.  When you are ready for a new headshot, profile photo, or glamorous portrait be sure to contact Fredshots Photography! (469) 718-9749  


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