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There’s A Storm Sweeping Across Your Business Landscape!

By April 4, 2014July 31st, 2023No Comments
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A Texas-sized hail storm is sweeping across the northeast Dallas region tonight. As the tornado sirens wailed across the counties many families sought shelter under the stairs, while many carried on with regular life as they have done for so many years.

With each successive wave of hail ranging in size from pellets to golf balls a secondary storm was sweeping across the countryside. This storm however was happening on the internet. Hundreds, if not thousands, of concerned homeowners immediately began the process of finding a roofer because certainly in the next few days there will be a high demand for professionals to ascend their ladders and provide assurance that the homeowner’s shingles are still in tact.

As I kept up with my friends in the region to make sure that they were safe and secure I noticed that my Facebook and Twitter feeds were suddenly alive with shared links and posts with taglines that stated “_____________ Roofing is a friend of mine! #Trust #Roof #CallNow”! While I do know many of the named entities, there are still a deluge of names that are completely unknown.

Is this you? Do you have a business or a service that could benefit from being more than a name or image pasted on social media? What are you doing to let people know who you are? Have you tapped into the advertising power of online video? Fredshots Photo & Video is your source for getting the word out and one of the most efficient means for separating you from your competition.

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