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Meet Vishy.  Vishy Sahadevan is the Head of Global Development with Sybrant Technologies, an international firm dedicated to helping design, plan, customize and deploy end-to-end mobile enterprise solutions.  With an extensive executive-level business history Vishy specializes in optimizing management, increasing sales, and enabling real-time learning through the use of custom mobile application development and data solutions.  When not involved in providing solutions Vishy spends his time with his family and is often found at charitable and philanthropic events where he heavily invests in his community.  With a schedule like his, Vishy needed a photographer who could take executive level portraits on a timetable and in a location that was most conducive to his schedule.  And that is why Vishy chose Fredshots Photography.  When you are ready to have your headshot taken in the comfort and convenience of your office be sure to contact us by phone (469) 718-9749, or by email:

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